Best Fly Trap for Chicken Coop

Best Fly Trap for Chicken Coops: 3 Choices

A chicken coop can attract a lot of flies, which can be frustrating and harmful to your chickens. Flies can spread diseases and parasites, and even lay their eggs in your chickens’ feed, water, or bedding. A fly trap can help you control the fly population and create a more sanitary environment for your chickens. … Read more

best chickens for beginners

The 4 Best Chickens For Beginners

Have you been thinking about becoming a chicken parent for a while but not quite sure where to start or even what chicken breed to look at? In this post we look at four of the Best Chickens For Beginners. Did you know that the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) is a domesticated junglefowl species? A few thousand years, no one … Read more

How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter

Keeping chickens is a very rewarding activity that all members of the family can get involved in. To get the best from your chickens and to ensure they stay happy and healthy we must look at their needs. Each season there are different things that we need to consider, in this post we look at … Read more

5 flowers that start with the letter B

5 Beautiful Flowers That Start With The Letter B

Here are my favorite 5 Flowers That Start With The Letter B. We will work our way through the alphabet, and it seems appropriate for Becs Backyard to start with the letter B. Boronia This is a flower that you will smell in the garden before you set eyes on it. It has the most … Read more

Why Plant Marigolds in a Vegetable Garden

Why Plant Marigolds in a Vegetable Garden?

Why plant Marigolds in a vegetable garden? Good question! Marigolds are annual or perennial plants that are commonly grown for their brightly colored flowers, but they also have a hidden secret power. Read on to find out why you should plant marigolds in your vegetable gardens. The genus name for Marigolds is┬áTagetes. They are a … Read more

chicken dust baths feature photo

How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath in 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever watched a Chicken taking a dust bath? It is so entertaining!! Chicken dust baths are an essential activity for your flock. Not only do they keep your chickens healthy and clean, but they also provide many other benefits. Let me show you How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath in 3 Simple … Read more

Building a Chicken Coop

Building a Chicken Coop : Replacing The Old

We have been experiencing some very heavy rain and wind lately, normal for a New Zealand winter, however it seems a little more intense this year. As a result the current chicken coop is getting damp. So moving the chicken coop is required. We are building a chicken coop! The current coop is made from … Read more

Quick Growing Plants For Chickens

10 Quick Growing Plants For Chickens

Welcome to Bec’s Backyard, where we’re passionate about creating a thriving and enriching environment for our beloved chickens. In this article, we delve into the world of quick growing plants for chickens. Providing these plant varieties not only adds visual appeal to your chicken coop or yard but also offers numerous benefits to your chickens’ … Read more

DIY Chicken Coops

DIY Chicken Coops

If you’re thinking of getting into backyard chickens, one of the first things you need is a coop. But instead of buying a pre-made coop, why not build your own? DIY projects are fun and satisfying, and you will end up with something very unique that you can customise to fit your backyard situation. If … Read more

Garden Plants For Chickens To Eat

Best Garden Plants For Chickens To Eat : What To Plant

Chickens love gardens, they love to eat plants, fresh vegetables and fruits, and planting a garden specifically for them is a great way to provide them with nutrients so they can keep providing you with eggs. In this blog post, we will look at some of the best garden plants for chickens to eat that … Read more