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The 3 Best Seedling Watering Cans for a New Garden

As a gardener, I know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. When it comes to seedlings, having a good quality watering can is essential for their growth and development. In this buying guide, I’ll be sharing three great choices for a seedling watering can, as well as what to look for when making your choice.

Seedling Watering Can : 3 Great Choices (Updated List)

1MyLifeUNIT Watering CanBest Seller
2Behrens 2.5 Gallon Steel Watering CanBest Size
3Qilebi Watering CanBest Look

Why You Should Get a Seedling Watering Can

Using a seedling watering can has several advantages over a regular watering can. Firstly, their smaller size means that you can more easily control the amount of water you’re giving each seedling. This is important, as overwatering can be just as damaging as underwatering. Secondly, having different options – precision spout or shower head allows you to provide the right watering for the stage your seedling is at. A shower head allows you to keep the soil moist without direct stream displacing the seed, and a precision spout for older seedlings allows you to target the water directly to the base of the plant, rather than splashing water all over the leaves.

Here’s a great video showcasing a similar watering can and some tips on its use.

What to Look for When Buying a Seedling Watering Can

There are several factors to consider when choosing a seedling watering can, and you may have several options to cater for the different areas of your gardens.


You’ll want to think about the size of the can – it should be large enough to hold a decent amount of water, but not so large that it becomes unwieldy


You will want to consider the material the can is made from. Plastic is a popular choice as it’s lightweight and affordable, but metal cans can also be a good option for their durability.

Design – shape

A third aspect to consider is the shape and length of the spout – you want it to be long enough to reach the base of your seedlings, but not so long that it becomes difficult to control.

A final consideration could be looking at any additional features, such as a built-in spray nozzle or detachable rose head.

Seedling Watering Can Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best Seedling Watering Can

1. MyLifeUNIT Watering Can (Best Seller)


  • Sleek streamlined shape
  • Detachable shower head for gentle shower or steady stream
  • Small holes on showerhead for fine shower over delicate seedlings
  • Durable plastic


  • Watering overhead is difficult due to the location of the spout and handle

2. Behrens 2.5 Gallon Steel Watering Can (Best Size)


  • Strong durable steel construction
  • Large volume 2.5Gallon with other size options
  • Small holes on showerhead for fine shower over delicate seedlings
  • Two handles – one for carrying and the other for pouring
  • Some sizes have detachable showerhead


  • Not all sizes come with detachable showerhead

3. Qilebi Watering Can (Best Look)


  • Elegant shape
  • Large hole for filling
  • Good spout positioning
  • Detachable shower head for gentle shower or steady stream
  • Small holes on showerhead for fine shower over delicate seedlings
  • Durable plastic
  • Great color range


  • Two part construction providing opportunity for leaks at seams
  • Small size

FAQ’s About Seedling Watering Cans

Here are some commonly asked questions about Seedling Watering Cans

How often should I water my seedlings?

Seedlings need to be watered regularly, but not too frequently. It’s important to allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings, as overwatering can lead to root rot. A good rule of thumb is to water your seedlings once a day, or every other day if the soil still feels moist.

Can I use a regular watering can for my seedlings?

While it’s possible to use a regular watering can for seedlings, it’s not recommended. Regular watering cans often have a large spout and a wide opening, which can make it difficult to control the amount of water you’re giving each seedling. A seedling watering can is designed to provide a more precise and targeted flow of water, which is especially important for small and delicate seedlings.

Can I use tap water to water my seedlings?

In most cases, tap water is fine for watering seedlings. However, if you live in an area with particularly hard water, it may be beneficial to use filtered or distilled water instead. Hard water contains high levels of minerals, which can build up in the soil over time and affect the pH balance. If you’re unsure about the quality of your tap water, you can have it tested or use a water conditioner to remove any impurities.


In conclusion, a good quality seedling watering can is an essential tool for any gardener looking to grow healthy and strong seedlings. When choosing a watering can, consider factors such as size, material, spout length, and additional features. We have reviewed three great options that will help you take care of those spring vegetable seedlings. Remember to water your seedlings regularly but not too frequently, and use a seedling watering can for the most precise and targeted flow of water. Happy gardening!

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